North Hillse

Geography: North Hillse is a large island nation of Vezoverse, offering a diverse array of landscapes. To the south, there are fertile flatlands and soft rolling hills, ideal for agriculture and grazing. Central North Hillse is a region of moderate, undulating terrain, interspersed with patches of verdant farmland and forests. In the north, towering mountains loom, their peaks often wreathed in mist. The coastal regions vary from high, rugged cliffs on the western side, providing natural fortifications, to beautiful, sandy beaches on the eastern shore, drawing many tourists. The climate is generally moderate, with rainfall distributed throughout the year. However, the western and northern parts are notably milder and receive more rainfall due to their proximity to large water bodies.

History: Originating as a network of agricultural communities, North Hillse’s democratic ideals were born from the mutual cooperation necessary for survival and prosperity. Over time, these communities coalesced into the robust nation known today.

Culture: The people of North Hillse hold a deep respect for tradition, their land, and the rhythmic cycle of the seasons. This is expressed through their robust farming customs and popular agricultural festivals, which mirror the seasonal shifts of their homeland. Community fairs are common, often showcasing local produce, handicrafts, and folk performances.

Economy: North Hillse is a primary agricultural hub, producing a significant portion of the continent’s food. Additionally, the island has a well-developed manufacturing sector and is progressively investing in renewable energy, harnessing the winds that sweep across its flatlands and the strong tides along its coasts.

Currency: Hillsean Haven
Military Strength: North Hillse has a formidable military. The army is well-equipped and professional, whilst their navy is renowned, a necessity for an island nation. The air force has been expanding and modernizing, keeping pace with advancements in technology.

Political situation: As a democratic republic, North Hillse boasts a robust political system that ensures the smooth transition of power and encourages public participation in political processes. The stability achieved has allowed the nation to focus on growth and development.

Current President: President Elda Haron

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