History of Vezoverse

History of Vezoverse

Nations of Vezoverse

Vezoverse world consists of 4 continents called Vozio, Kirr, Flarkr and Jeniou and 18 Nations.

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Discovery of The Planet Earth

In time, scientists of Vezoverse, learned about another parallel where the planet Earth was located. They were able to create a technology which allows  to visit the planet, and what they found was astonishing.

The planet Earth looked very similar to their planet Vezoverse, but the difference was that the Earth had a huge amount of pollution, and humanity was still fighting wars.

The scientists decided to keep this information a secret from the public, and worked on a way to bring technology to the Earth to establish peace.

They organized a special team of agents who would live on Earth and work on bringing peace to the planet. They also brought technology to earth to allow some Earth individuals to  visit Vezoverse.

Creation of Vezoverse Gateway

The technology is called the “Vezoverse Gateway” and it is a special device that creates a portal to Vezoverse. Anyone can use the gateway, but only a selected group of people on Earth have been given permission to visit Vezoverse by the scientists.

Despite the permission, some people still use the gateway for illegal purposes.

Establishing Justicars

The scientists also decided to create a special force of law enforcement people in Vezoverse who would help protect the balance of peace on Vezoverse and Earth. The scientist gave them an ability called “uberability” which allows all members of the police force to have different powers that are not available to regular people.

The group is called the Justicars. The Justicars are able to fly; carry heavy objects; become invisible, etc. using their uberability.

The gateway can only be opened for a limited time period each year due to the limited energy source that powers it.

Opening of the gateway creates a small black hole that sucks in all the energy in the surrounding area. This causes Vezoverse to be disconnected from Earth.

The gateway is opened once a year for a period of two weeks. During this time, people from Earth are able to travel to Vezoverse and explore it.

The first time the gateway was opened, only 10 people were able to go through.

As the years went by, more and more people were able to travel to Vezoverse through the gateway.

Visiting Vezoverse

At this time, only a selected group of people on Earth have been given permission to visit Vezoverse.

However, we are working on making the Gateway available to everyone in the near future!

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