The Vezoverse Chronicles: Past and Present

Embark on a journey through our first story, “The Vezoverse Chronicles: Past and Present,” and immerse yourself in an extraordinary universe.

From the explosive origins of the universe to the emergence of life on Vezoverse, this immersive sci-fi saga chronicles the winding history of the planet Vezoverse and its remarkable civilization.

  • Journey through formative eras in Vezoverse’s past, from the primitive “Old Ones” to visionary leaders like Glarkz uniting the tribes of Kirr.
  • Learn how early settlers planted the seeds of the nation Jeniou, overcoming adversity to ultimately win their independence.
  • Marvel at Jeniou’s journey to becoming a bastion of progress and innovation, including scientist Dr. Leandra Fivlan’s revolutionary artificial intelligence that ushered in the AI Era.

The story interconnects the past and present conflicts facing Vezoverse. In the present, the democratic nation of Farlon faces invasion by the aggressive Sadari Empire, led by dictator Valdr Plunev. As the threat escalates, peacekeeping agents known as the Justicars uncover a sinister plot by the Sadaris to infiltrate Earth by impersonating a scientist from Jeniou.

As events unfold, we see Professor Andrews Glezls in the midst of giving a lecture exploring crucial periods of Vezoverse’s history. While not central to the plot, Professor Glezls’ teachings help contextualize the winding tale of Vezoverse’s origins, Jeniou’s independence and the AI Era – shedding light on past struggles as new threats loom.

Will the Justicars thwart the Sadaris’ plans in time?

The stakes span two universes as this page-turning sci-fi saga balances action, intrigue and the sweeping history of the planet Vezoverse.

From Farlon’s struggle for freedom to the cosmic origins of life, immerse yourself in the interwoven narratives of this expansive alien world.

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